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About Batam: Places of Interest

The heart of Batam, Nagoya has what you want to have a good time. You can find numerous shops, hotels & restaurants, discotheque, karaoke, cinemas, bars, music lounges, shopping plazas, night markets, etc. With a string of high-tech discos, pumping out high-decibel music and state-of-the-art laser light shows this is definitely the place to party. Most banks and money changers are situated here.

Batam Center
This is the place that will site the upcoming "Orchard Road" dubbed the "commercial center of Batam". The largest departmental store, "Matahari" is located here. In addition you can find banks, a post office, book stores, restaurants, supermarkets, resident complexes.
The Central Office of Batam Island Development Authority (BIDA) and Immigration Office are both located here.

Hang Nadim
Hang Nadim International airport, is considered as one of the the largest and the most modern airports in the Sumatra Region. This airport was officially launched in May, 1995 and has been servicing international flights since December, 1995.

Nestled on the north eastern extreme of the island, Nongsa serves as another getaway to Batam. Golf courses, resort hotels, marinas, chalet-style bungalows and many tourist attractions can be found here. The Nongsa ferry terminal allows tourists to disembark directly from Tanah Merah (a ferry terminal in Singapore).
Turi Beach Resort, Batam View Resort and Puri Jaya Resort are situated here too. Tering Bay, Palm Spring Golf Course and Country Club, and Batam's Hang Nadim International airport are just a stone throw from Nongsa.
The Nongsa area is still populated by many quaint Indonesian villages. One can see the culture and way of life through organized walks and bicycle rides through these areas .There area also many local 'warungs' (food stalls) and fresh seafood to choose from.

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