Marcopolo Shipyard Batam
  • A. Aerial View of MP Front
  • B. Aerial View of MP side
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A. Aerial View of MP Front1 B. Aerial View of MP side2 Aerial MP side 23 Aerial MP side 34 Aerial MP side 45 C. Photo 216 N. Photo 87 P. Photo 118 c_photo_19 c_photo_410

Dry-Docking, Ship Repair and Conversion
With personalised service, consistent quality and reliability, more than 80% of our clients are repeated Customers. For every project, each dedicated team works closely with the Customer, be it straight forward "cut-and-shave" jobs or life extensions, major steel renewals, complex re-engining work or ship conversion. Our teams of experts have extensive experience and a proven track record of completing projects on time and within budgets. Our modern facilities and equipment ensure comprehensive support at all times.










Cattle Carrier Conversion
Conversion from a General Cargo Vessel to a Cattle Carrier. 10 Oct 2010 to 14 Feb 2011.




Conversion/Upgrading of a Multi-Purpose Construction Vessel "Caballo Marango"

Caballo Marango before conversion   Caballo Marango conversion in progress

Caballo Marango conversion in progress   Caballo Marango after conversion


With a highly proficient team committed to stringent quality control, the Shipyard built over 100 vessels consisting of tugs and barges, AHSTS (60 tons to 150 tons BP), Accommodation Barges, Shallow-water Drill Rig, etc.







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